11 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Used That Actually Work!


Very often, the strange remedies of our grandmas actually work! Therefore, we reveal 11 of these words of wisdom which will significantly ease your everyday life.

You can relieve an earache if you squeeze some lemon juice onto an ear bud and pop it into your ear for a minute. This is due to the fact that the lemon juice will stabilize the pH levels in the ear.

Baking Soda for a Urinary Tract Infection

To treat the UTI symptoms in no time, just add a sprinkling of baking soda to a glass of water! It will alkalize the bladder, treat the infections, and prevent the further multiplication of bacteria.

Celery for Bad Breath

Chew a bunch of celery for a minute and the bad breath will be a distant past!

Olives for Motion Sickness

Olives are rich in tannins, which prevent the excessive production of saliva, which is a common symptom of motion sickness. Therefore, get yourself some juicy olives before the car journey and you can enjoy the trip!

Raisins for Arthritis




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