11 Health Pros That Prove The Greatness Of Baking Soda


There is one box of baking soda in almost every household. After all, it’s not just for baking; it has other uses like cleaning and absorbing odors. But while we already know those benefits, this amazing substance offers lots of pros for your health!

The Health Properties of Baking Soda

Let’s start at the root. We all know baking soda for its potent leavening properties. But to put it in more scientific terms, it’s pure sodium bicarbonate. When you combine it with acid, baking soda’s answer is to create bubbles.

It also emits CO2 (Carbon dioxide gas), thus successfully stimulating the dough’s rising ability. So it is no surprise that, according to all the information we have gathered on our ancestors, many civilizations have used this very same ingredient.

Baking soda is also known as nahcolite- a part of the mineral natron- when referred to in its natural state. It has been for years, and the word nation even derives its roots from the ancient Greek ‘nitre’.

The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, used it as a type of soap. Even though it was only after 1846 that John Dwight and Dr. Austin Church started manufacturing and selling the substance we call baking soda.

Around the time of the 1860s, it also won its place in published cookbooks, but people still knew it mostly as a cooking additive. In the 1920s, its useful purpose started to take on new meaning and already in the 1930s they widely advertised it as a “proven medical substance.”

By the way, don’t confuse aluminum-free baking powder with the baking soda…You don’t need to search the latter since baking soda is already aluminum-free.

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