5 Truths About Belly Fat That The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


For many of us, belly fat has become the number one scourge of both our good health and appearances. It’s stubborn, it slows us down and it wreaks havoc on many a man’s or woman’s self-esteem. Belly fat makes us gaze with hopeless longing at the slim, beautiful models who grace the pages of our favorite magazines and shy away from sexy summertime clothing that we wish we could wear.

It is this longing to look and feel better that has spawned one of the biggest and most successful industries in the developed world – the diet industry. Makers of magic weight-loss pills and fat-burning detox programs make it sound so easy. You can lose ten pounds in a month, five pounds in a week or even a pound per day! Of course, you’ll also lose a hefty sum of money in the process. Not only that, but many miracle weight-loss schemes purported to shrink your stomach are actually counterproductive; and though they may work temporarily, the inches you lose from your waistline via these expensive shakes or supplements often return with a vengeance as soon as you stop using them. If that weren’t bad enough, read the fine print on your new magic diet miracle product and you’ll most likely find a list of restrictions and possible side-effects that may make you a little less than comfortable.



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