5-Year-Old Calls 911 To Save Dad’s Life But Her Call Is Cracking Everyone Up


Savannah is a five-year-old girl that has a very special talent. That talent showed up when her father was having problems breathing. They were at home together at their Hancock County, Indiana property and she dialed 911 on her own. She talked to the 911 operator, Jason Bonham and it turns out that it is one of the cutest calls of all time.

The operator assured Savannah that everything was going to be okay and that help was coming. She was relaying the information to her father but she wonders if it is okay if she and her father stay in their pajamas. People are going to be coming into the house any minute, after all, and she wants to be ready for them.

The operator tells her to stay by her father’s side but she is insistent that she wants to go to her room and put on something else. He is trying to keep her focused until the ambulance arrives. At that point, she starts introducing the family dog to the operator who is ‘friendly but barks a lot’.

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