9 Warning Signs Someone Is A High-Functioning Alcoholic


Being an alcoholic is a stigma in society and it has an adverse impact on one’s social circle. It affects health in a serious way, causing major diseases to occur. It has devastating implications on the addict and his family. Some alcoholics keep the addiction secret from their elders and family. Others openly drink without hesitation. Those with a secret addiction are often called ‘functioning alcoholics’.

In today’s stressful lifestyle, where people rarely get time for one another, lack of sympathy and bad company is spoiling the young generation. The wide availability of alcoholic beverages is giving rise to its addiction. There are bars and wine shops everywhere.

In some communities, alcohol drinking is a status symbol. They proudly drink with their friends and enjoy the taste without even realizing its serious health effects.

If someone is able to function properly, being an alcoholic doesn’t mean there is no risk involved. Alcoholism is a terrible disease with a deadly end.

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