According To A New Theory, People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Aliens


Have you ever felt that you never really belonged in this world? Do you have a fascination with space and the universe? Do you feel that you have some sort of mission in life to seek the truth and help mankind? Do you also have Rh-negative blood?

According to medical studies, people with Rhesus negative blood type lack the Rhesus factor.

The Rhesus factor is a protein substance which is found in the red blood cells in people who don’t have this blood type. Recent theories claim that these people may not be from this world. They may be aliens.

There are also other theories which suggest that these people are angles fallen from heaven or they are extraterrestrial beings from space.

In fact, it is clear that people with RH negative blood type are unique, different and special.

People with Rhesus negative O blood type can be donors to any person no matter of his/her blood type. On the other side, when they are in need for blood only their own blood type can be used.

Only 10% of the entire world population has this blood type and most of these people are from the northern parts of Europe.

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