Caramel-Layered Brownies


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Hey all. I’m usually very generous with my 5-star ratings. I am NOT a picky person, so most of the high-rated recipes I try are worth 5 stars. This one was NOT! I followed the recipe to a T, and the brownies didn’t get done. I baked them for a friend and ended up throwing the mush away. If you’re looking for the “best brownie”, try the recipe on this site called “Best Brownies” with over 1200 5 star ratings. THOSE are perfect brownies. Even the taste of these undone brownies was too rich for my taste, and you can’t often say that for I LOVE rich foods! Sorry, just not my cup of tea I guess.:-) Ally

I have been using this recipe for years. It became the most requested thing make so I had to restrict it to a “Christmas Only” item. The only ingrediant that is different is the vanilla – I don’t use it. A couple of things I have found that have help me is to: #1 Melting your butter is the way to go… it allows you to spread 1/2 the cake mix like frosting for the bottom cake layer rather than pressing it into the pan. #2 Melt the caramels (and evaporated milk) in the MICROWAVE (for about 3 minutes on high) Use as much or as little of the caramel as you want. #4 The remaining half of the cake mix… I take a teaspoon and “blob” the mix on top. It allows for the caramel and chocolate chips (and whatever else) to peek through. #5 The last helpful hit to cut the bars into a size of about 2 bits – more than that the richness overwhelms people.

I wish I could give this one 6 stars! Yes, it is THAT good! I made these last night for my husband to take to work, but of course I had to sample them first. They are sticky and gooey and “out of this world” delicious! I followed the recipe almost exactly; the only thing I did differently was to melt the caramels with the evaporated milk in the microwave instead of on the stovetop. It was quicker & easier. Also, I lined the baking pan with non-stick foil and sprayed it with Pam for easy removal of these sticky little delights! I’m sure I will make these again and again; thanks for a fantastic recipe!!


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