Company Gives Nonsmokers Six Vacation Days To Make Up For Cigarette Breaks


A recent survey just revealed that the average smoker takes six days of smoke breaks every year. Now, the Japanese marketing company Piala Inc. has decided to respond to this in a very interesting way!

To even things up, the company is offering their nonsmoking workers an extra six vacation days to make up for smokers’ cigarette breaks.

Many are saying that this is fair, since smokers can end up taking as much as 20 minutes of cigarette breaks at work every day. Sometimes, they spend over an hour on their smoke breaks, which is not fair to their coworkers.

Halo Cigs reported that 80% of nonsmokers believe they should get at least one extra vacation day, while at least 50% of nonsmokers thinking they should get three or more extra vacation days.

Most smokers, however, disagree with nonsmokers getting more vacation days. In fact, over 38% of smokers said that nonsmokers do not deserve any additional vacation days.

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