Cops Are Warning If You Spot A Rubber Band On Your Front Door To Call 911 Right Away

It’s hard to keep up with the many scams that criminals are up to these days. It seems as if we are finding out about a new phone or credit card scam every day. And then there are those criminals who take it a step further and they try to get face to face with their victims.

The most recent tactic that criminals are using, involves the use of a rubber band. Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

Well, it can cause a whole lot of trouble. It all started when a woman discovered a rubber band wrapped around the handle of her front door. She shared the following post about her odd discovery…

“Two weeks ago during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but almost pounding. (I honestly thought something may have happened to someone and they needed help) but something didn’t feel right…and I DO NOT answer the door when I am here by myself. After several knocks, they finally left. I glanced and could see it was a man through the stained glass of my front door. After about 30 minutes I walked outside to look for what I thought would be a brochure, but instead found a rubber band around my knob to hold the door open when I unlocked the latch.”

Evidently, the homeowner Kim Cernigliaro discovered that this was not an isolated incident. The sheriff who responded to her call said that intruders have been using rubber bands to hold down the door handle, making it easier for them to bust into the house when the homeowner unlocks the door to answer it. It saves them the extra step of having to hold down the handle to open it. This allows the intruder to take the owner by surprise and bust into their home without giving them a chance to react. However; it doesn’t work that well for those doors that are accompanied by a glass door. Luckily, Cernigliaro was able to see that there was a man standing on her doorstep and she was smart enough to wait thirty minutes before she stepped outside to investigate.

Police authorities are advising people to share this with everyone as it’s a very serious threat. One of the reasons it has been so popular in neighborhoods is because it’s such an easy strategy to pull off. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and the criminal can easily slip the rubber band over a door handle. And the criminal who is executing the crime is able to still remain undercover when he slips the band over the handle.There is a good chance that the criminal has done a little recon on the houses he/she chooses. Surely they are only putting the rubber bands on doors of houses that they know have a homeowner inside.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to remain inside your home and call the police if you hear a strange, unexpected knock. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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