Crescent Chicken Rolls


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This a great starting off place for a variety of chicken & crescent casseroles… I’ve used this as a basic go-to several times. First, we don’t like canned soups so I use a jar of Alfredo Sauce. I saute brown mushrooms rather than use canned. Spinach is way good with mushrooms, but squeeze out the water before adding spinach to the sauce. Sometimes, I steam (and drain) broccoli or cauliflower and chop it in. I always make this as a 9-by-9 casserole with half the crescent rolls on bottom (prick all over with a fork), then chicken and cheese and sauce and veggies in the middle. I skip the mayo and the butter… Maybe a bit of olive oil if you must. It’s not going to be bland if the starting ingredients are good. A rotisserie chicken from the supermarket deli is quick to pick off the bone and real tasty. Love this basic recipe, Sara.

I thought it was pretty good and the kids loved it. I added salt and pepper, minced garlic, onions and cheddar cheese to the mixture. Then I topped as instructed.

it was very good, but I added frozen vegetables and sauted fresh mushrooms and onions. will definitely make again.

Way too creamy with no taste. Kids loves it

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