Ground Beef and Chopped Cabbage

Recipe By: slygusa
“This is a hearty meal that’s easy to make and keeps well. I use a slotted spoon to serve it with rice and sweet cornbread.”


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 large onion, chopped

1 1/2 pounds ground beef

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

1 small head cabbage, chopped

2 (14.5 ounce) cans diced tomatoes

1 (14.5 ounce) can tomato sauce


Heat olive oil in a large heavy pot or a 6-quart Dutch oven over medium heat. Cook and stir onion in hot oil until translucent, about 5 minutes.

Break ground beef into small chunks and add to the pot; cook and stir, continuing to break the beef into smaller pieces, until the beef is completely browned, 5 to 7 minutes.

Season beef mixture with garlic powder, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, and a dash of salt. Stir cabbage, diced tomatoes, and tomato sauce with the beef mixture; bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and cook mixture at a simmer until cabbage is fork-tender, about 25 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

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