Homemade Cocktail for Burning Fat


In this article, we will show you how to prepare yourself a Homemade Cocktail for Burning Fat. I mean, who is against a Fat Burning drink? Everyone loves it, because it’s simple to make and it’s delicious.

Your stomach and tights are the most common parts where fat is deposited and the organism cannot process.

Homemade Cocktail for Burning Fat – Extremely easy to prepare

Yes, This Cocktail should somehow change your life in a positive manner. The only things for success in making it are the ingredients. Nothing else will be harsh for you. Let’s see how to prepare it down below.

Its perfect combination of fruit and vegetables is a great one for boosting the organism and burning fat.


300 grams of spinach

1 banana

1 apple


1/2 glass of water

Mix all ingredients in a blender. At the end, you can add some cinnamon or ginger, in order to give it a better taste.

This Fat Burning Cocktail is also an amazing healthy booster, so you can drink it every day, and you will notice the difference after only one week. One week to burn fats seems really cool. I dare you to try it as soon as you can and please, do not forget to leave your comments down below.

Source: foodsandhealthylife.com

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