Homemade Salsa


I love going to Mexican restaurants.  I love the ambiance.  You know, the music, the lighting, the décor.  It is all just so happy and inviting while still being relaxing and fun.  Being in a Mexican restaurant for me, is like being at home.  I can spend all evening there chatting away with my husband or friends, having the time of my life, really enjoying everything.

One thing that I really love about Mexican restaurants, besides the utterly delicious food, of course, is the chips and salsa.  I think that little invention is genius.  Technically it is a free appetizer so it is definitely a win in my book!

Well, my husband and I love those little chips and dip so much, we eat it at home as snacks all the time.  We will serve ourselves a little bowl of salsa with a side of chips and head upstairs (sometimes with the extra bag of chips in tow) and share it while we work on our computers.  It is a great snack and so delicious.

There are so many salsa flavors we like, but there is one that stands out the most to us: homemade.  Oh yea, we make our own salsa and it is positively amazing.


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