How to Clean INSIDE Your Oven Door


That impossible to reach location sandwiched between the glass. How does that happen?!

Well, I’m going to show you how to access inside your oven door and clean that sneaky drip.
You’ll find the tools required and full tutorial on my blog, listed below photos.
First remove the bottom drawer of your oven.

Brace yourself for what you’ll find under there. Marbles, toy cars, dust bunnies, you name it. Might as well get the vacuum out to tackle under there while you have the drawer out (if you Give a Mouse a Cookie. Right?!)

Next you’ll want to remove the screws holding the glass. A helper makes it easier.
Clean the inside of the glass with a rag and glass cleaner.
While the inner glass is exposed clean that as well.

Re-assemble the glass frame by repositioning it and screwing the screws back in. Voila, no more unsightly drips! You have a clean oven inside and out.

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