Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are 10 Times Happier (Says Science!)


While men may generally prefer tall, thin women, new research suggests they should expand their horizons. In fact, a new study has found that guys who marry chubby women are not only happier, they live longer as well. Read on below.

Men who wed chubby women… More often than not, curvy, plus-size women live with the stigma of being labeled unattractive or unhealthy in mainstream media. But not anymore. A new study suggests that marrying a woman who’s on the heavier side has some benefits: Namely, that you’ll be happier and live longer. Amazing.

Men who wed chubby women… According to the DailyTimes, the study showed that men who are in relationships with “chubby” women tend to smile more often in comparison to guys who are in relationships with thin women. What’s more, the study also found that men committed to chubby women seem to be better at dealing with issues than those who are committed to thin women. Interesting.

Men who wed chubby women… Moreover, the research suggests that thin women tend to be more reserved and more unfriendly than their heavier counterparts. In addition, they also seem to be less express with their emotions. Ever heard the stereotype skinny b*tch? Well, now you know where it comes from.

Men who wed chubby women… The study also found that chubby women make their partners 10 times as happy as thin women, the Daily Times reports. And the happier one is, well…. the longer they live. It’s simple math, according to the study.


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