Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Recipe By: VELVEETA Cheese
“The Coney Island favorite goes upscale in these savory mini-muffin appetizers. Get out the hot dogs and corn muffin mix and let’s get started.”


1 (8.5 ounce) package corn muffin mix

2 ounces VELVEETA(R), cut into 24 small cubes

4 OSCAR MAYER Beef Franks, each cut into 6 pieces

1/2 cup GREY POUPON Savory Honey Mustard


Heat oven to 375 degrees F.

Prepare muffin batter as directed on package; spoon into 24 mini muffin pan cups sprayed with cooking spray.

Press 1 each VELVEETA cube and hot dog slice into batter in center of each muffin cup

Bake 10 to 12 min. or until golden brown. Cool 5 min. before removing from pans. Serve warm with mustard.

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