New study claims taking a hot bath is the equivalent calorie-wise of a 30-min walk

3. Improve Blood Flow
Resting on your laurels in a hot bath can improve blood circulation. Not only is this great for sore muscles, but it can increase blood flow to the brain too! Don’t have time for a bath? Sip on some hot tea for similar results.
4. Ease sore muscles
Whether you’re recovering from an injury or an extra-difficult workout session, a hot bath is a great way to find relief. The hot water will ease tightened muscles and increase blood flow (reducing lactic acid buildup). Add in the simple pleasure of soaking in the hot water and you have magic. Medical News Today said that heat therapy (like a hot bath) is a very effective option for patients with chronic joint pain too.

5. Improve Breathing
Not only is a hot bath helpful when the nose is clogged, taking a hot bath can actually improve lung function. The warm water places pressure on your chest and can force your oxygen intake to improve. You should soak in chest deep water for the best results, according to the National Library of Medicine.

The next time you’re feeling a little guilty for soaking in the tub while the kids take a nap, kick that guilt to the curb and remind yourself you’re doing it for your health!

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