Single Tricks Of The Grandmother That Will Become A Living Encyclopedia


For generations, various tricks and tips have served us to perform daily tasks and facilitate our lives in different ways.

Despite the time elapsed these are still valid, but many people have forgotten or simply have been fading from collective knowledge. Keep reading and re discover these incredible tricks that will be of great help.

Know the number of days of each month

With the closed fist counts the months by the knuckles. Each knuckle and each cleft between them represents a month. If the month falls on knuckle has 31 days, if it falls into a cleft has 30 or less.

Determine the time before sunset

Put your fingers together and stretch your hand so that the sun is on your index finger. Count the number of fingers to the horizon; each finger represents an approximate 15 minutes for the sunset.

Waxing crescent moon?



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