Steak Tacos (Tender and Juicy)


Ever wondered how to get a well-cooked, juicy piece of meat, without butterflying it or cutting down the middle to see if it’s done and has a good color? Here you go! Serve with steamed veggies, mashed potatoes, salad, rice, or whatever you fancy.

Most helpful Reviews

I used Montreal steak seasoning for the grill seasoning, and added the oil into the marinade. I replaced half of the balsamic vinegar with mirin (rice wine vinegar.) This was delicious!!

Easy with great flavor! I only had 4 hrs to marinade this and I was a little concerned given the vinegars but it still turned out juicy and tasty. I used adobo seasoning and a hamburger grill seasoning I had to replace the steak seasoning since I had none. I also followed the first reviewers advice and did one T of balsamic and one T of rice vinegar. After uncovering and flipping over I only let it cook another minute or two. Another 15 min like instructions said would have overdone mine. I used fresh mushrooms instead of canned. Delish!!

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