Stuffed mushrooms!


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Fantastic flavor! Just a few suggestions to make sure these are perfect everytime: 1. buy the largest mushrooms you can find, most grocery stores sell ones labeled for stuffing, they are much easier to work with 2.prior to stuffing bake the caps, upside-down, in the oven for 10-15 minutes, this help the caps shed excess water so the stuffing doesn’t become waterlogged. Thanks Dinah for such great mushrooms!

I don’t care about healthy; I added another stick of butter than the recipe called for. I also added all the liquor from both cans of clams. I bought one of those big bread crumb cans from the fryer isle pre-seasoned with Italian spices. I did dry the mushrooms a bit in the oven 10 minutes by themselves at 350 degrees. I figured with all the wet-works I added it might be wise. Man I was not prepared for how wonderful it tasted. So much flavor. I took what I could not eat, and that was plenty, to work the next day and I could not keep the cover closed. I pawned off 30 mushroom caps. They would take one mushroom and go back to their cube… wait five minutes and they would come back and take 3 or 4. Score. The next day with the ton of stuffing left, I baked pre-spooned stuffing balls on a baking sheet for 15 minutes. Then I cored out to make caps using those small cherry tomatoes. Put the half cooked stuffing into the tomato caps. Added a little piece of mozzarella cheese on top, and then I baked them for the remaining 15 minutes. The key is not to turn the tomatoes completely into mush. I plan on coring squash and cucumbers boats next time. I will let you know. It should be awesome. Truth is I think I would eat this stuffing if you fed it to me stuffed in a rock. Speaking of which, make sure you thoroughly clean your mushrooms. I had one that had some grit. It is easy to miss with all the hiding places for dirt in a mushroom. That would be embarrassing at work or a party.: )

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