These 10 Illustrations Show Why Living Alone Is The Best


Some of you might think living alone seems isolating and lonely, but if you’ve ever tried it, you probably noticed how liberating it felt. Everyone should get to experience the quiet serenity and peacefulness associated with living alone at least once in their lives, because you can pretty much do whatever you want and not have to answer to a roommate. You can dance around in your underwear and listen to music as loud as you want, watch whatever show you want on the living room TV, and set the temperature as cold or hot as your heart desires without having to ask someone else. Having roommates can be a great experience as well, of course, but living alone can allow you to deepen the relationship you have with yourself.

Illustrator Idalia Candelas from Mexico perfectly captures the beauty of living by yourself with the following drawings. In the series called “Postmodern Loneliness,” she shows the advantages of living alone, and makes people everywhere want to experience it for themselves.


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