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    Doctors Are Now Warning Women Not To Stick Wasp Nests In Their Private Parts

    You’ll NEVER believe what women are putting in their vaginas now. Believe it or not, some women are rubbing crushed wasp nests on, in, and around their delicate little female flowers. Wasps are pretty gnarly creatures. They can and often do fly quickly. They make large nests out of seemingly anything directly on the outside of […]

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    This Pineapple Water Will Detoxify Your Body, Help You Lose Weight, And Reduce Joint Swelling And Pain

    Pineapples are tropical fruits which are a rich source of many crucial nutrients needed for your optimal health. It is high in vitamin C and bromelain, which help numerous processes in the body. The pineapple infused water is an extremely beneficial drink which can help you reduce the swelling and pain in the joints, lose weight, […]

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    Homemade Cocktail for Burning Fat

    In this article, we will show you how to prepare yourself a Homemade Cocktail for Burning Fat. I mean, who is against a Fat Burning drink? Everyone loves it, because it’s simple to make and it’s delicious. Your stomach and tights are the most common parts where fat is deposited and the organism cannot process. […]

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    Cooking was a major part of each day. Early settlers butchered their own meat and made corned beef, sausage, smoked and dried meats. Large gardens yielded produce for canning, pickling and other preserves. Root cellars stored potatoes, carrots, and onions. Milk was separated into cream for butter and baking and milk for drinking. Breads, cakes […]

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    How To Do The Malasana Stretch To Flush Your Colon and Increase Circulation

    The Malasana stretch, also known as the Garland pose, is a yoga position that involves squatting. We all know that yoga moves are meant to be energizing and beneficial, but this particular pose truly takes the cake when it comes to positive results! Most people practice yoga for fitness and flexibility. But some poses have […]

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    15 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known To Man

    Nature holds many amazing secrets, and among these secrets are little-known natural cures and treatment methods. Many of these have been used in ancient times but fell out of interest as modern medicine took over. Plus, natural antibiotics are less invasive than standard antibiotics, which – when taken in excess – can damage the body, lower the […]

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    Blue Macaw Parrot From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct

    If you remember the movie Rio and Blu, the Blue Macaw that thought he was the last of his species, you should know that his nightmare has unfortunately come to life. In the animated movie, this Brazilian bird, also known as the Spix’s Macaw, flies all the way from Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro as […]

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    How to Remove Small Warts by Using a Single Ingredient

    Warts are often unpleasant, painless skin growths. They are more common in middle aged people, commonly developing on broken skin on the hands and feet because the virus is able to enter the top layer of skin through scratches or cuts.  Warts are benign skin growths, and as doctors explain, they are considered as benign […]

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    How To Instantly Stop A Migraine With Salt

    Just ask anyone who suffers from them; Migraines are horrible. There are many advertised cures for migraines, but they often contain harmful chemicals and do very little good. Try this natural remedy for migraines, and you’ll never have to purchase an expensive pharmaceutical ever again. If you suffer from migraines, it is likely that you […]

  • Chocolate calms your cough, says science. | Photo by Meredith


    Chocolate Fights Coughs Better Than Codeine, Says Science

    Good news for chocoholics. The next time you come down with a cough, just pop a piece of your favorite treat and you’ll get all the cough-suppressing effects of codeine syrup without the fuzzy-headed side-effects. Here’s how it works. Sweet Science Professor Alyn Morice, a respected authority on all things related to coughs and respiratory medicine, […]