Warning: 7 Early Signs Of Lung Cancer You Need To Pay Attention!


If you detect cancer when it is in its early stage, the chances of treating it are much higher. That is why it is important to pay attention to the signs that your body is sending. In this article we are going to show to the 7 signs that can be indicators for lung cancer.

1. Unexplained weight loss – If you suddenly lost weight without being on any diets or exercise routine you might deal with many types of cancer not just lung cancer. This is so because the cancer cells are using the energy that you consume from the food you eat.

2. Persistent cough – The way you cough can say a lot about your health and what is the reason behind it. The cough is caused by cold or respiratory infection if it stops after week or two, but if it lasts longer than two weeks you should not ignore that because your body is maybe warning you that you have lung cancer. If you are coughing out mucus, visiting your doctor is a must! You should check your lungs and chest. You should as well visit your doctor if you are coughing blood or the cough is with hoarse sound.

3. Having headache all the time – Headache can be caused by many factors but if you have it all the time then your body is maybe warning you that there is lung cancer. Headaches happen when there is lung cancer because the lung tumor is pressing the main vein that is responsible for transferring the blood from the upper part to your heart.

4. Short of breath – Lung cancer can cause shortness of breath because the lung tumor can make the fluid to be accumulated in your chest or/and it might be because of the blockage of the airways. You should visit a doctor if you experience this suddenly when you are doing your regular daily activities.

5. Shoulders, chest or back pain – Pain in this body parts might appear when there is lung cancer due to the metastasis on the chests and lungs or enlargement of the ribs and lymph nodes.

6. Pain in the bones – Lung cancer can cause pain in the bones. If you experience this kind of pain at any time of the night or day you should immediately visit a doctor.

7. Wheezing/whistling – If while breathing there is whistling or wheezing sound you might have lung cancer. You should not worry right away because it might be caused due to constricted or inflamed airways and because of that just to be sure visit your doctor.

In order to detect the lung cancer in its early stage you should not just do x-rays but also CT scans. People that are above 55 years and have been active smokers for more than 15 years should make these tests just to be sure.

Source: http:healthymagazine365.com/warning-7-early-signs-lung-cancer-need-pay-attention/

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